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You Should Look for These Surfboard Brands When Shopping for Your Next Board

Big swells, high winds, and the direction of the water and wind all factor into your experience on the water. Surfing is supposed to be a peaceful, relaxing, and adventurous activity, but with the wrong board, it can turn real frustrating fast.

A high-quality surfboard makes your time surfing the waves so much better. Any experienced surfer will tell you that there is a different type of surfboard for every occasion. It would help if you had a few options in your arsenal to be prepared for that big swell, those strong winds, or that peaceful ride.

Take a look at these fantastic surfboard brands that are popping out new gear in 2020. Their boards are among the best and most innovative, so watch out for them when it’s time to upgrade your surf gear.

1. Firewire

This is the surfboard brand that reigns supreme in the world of innovation and design. Not only are they always on the brink of cutting-edge ideas, but they are also highly focused on achieving a sustainable and minimal-waste manufacturing process. Firewire is a brand pushing for a better and healthier future, and their efforts are definitely celebrated. Just this year- in 2020- they have released the Glazer, Timbertek Twice Baked, and Dominator boards.

2. Channel Islands

Channel Islands is not just a geographical location off the coast of Normandy; it is a killer surfboard brand. Their boards are built for performance, simplicity, and sleekness. The AI Merrick board made them popular, and the rest of their exciting designs has kept them paddling (no pun intended) with the best. Check out their anticipated new releases in 2020: the Fish Beard and the Mid.

3. Lost Surfboards

Get lost with a Lost surfboard. This brand has some of the sickest and most visually stunning designs you can find on the market. Lost boards are known for their vibrant colors and unique styles; the Rocket Redux and Retro Gun boards are a testament to that claim. Take a look at the Hydra board- their sweet new 2020 release that was designed to dominate the swells and the wave pools.

4. Pyzel

Pyzel keeps it real with their boards. They are a surfboard brand that has stuck around since 1995, building boards that have aided thousands of surfers in their quest to master the waves. Their gear is a bit on the expensive side, but it is reflected in the quality and thought put into every detail. For 2020 their brand released the Pyzalien 2, a versatile board with a clean outline.

A high-quality surfboard is a worthy investment. By buying a great board, you are telling yourself that you care about the experience you have on the surf; that includes safety as well.

There is no one surfboard that can handle all conditions, which is why companies make so many surfboard variations.

As a surfer, it’s always a smart idea to have two boards- at a minimum- in your collection to be prepared for an ever-changing environment. Do you have any favorite surfboard brands?

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