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Top 15 Fulani Braids Look- Easy Protective Hairstyles for Women

In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about Fulani Braids.

Mainly, we will cover things such as what they are, how to style, how long they last, cost, how many packs of hair, and 20 image hairstyles

What Are Fulani Braids, How to Style and How Long Do They Last?

Now, these individual braids are also known as Tribal braids.

This popular braided hairstyle came from the Fulani people, a community found in West Africa and the Sahel zone.

Also, you can wear this braided hairstyle in various ways—for example, beads, ponytails, down the middle part, long, short, etc.

It should be noted that this particular style of braids can last for up to 3 to 8 weeks with proper care.

How Much Do Fulani Braids Cost and How Many Packs of Hair?

As you can imagine, there are different ways to wear Tribal braids. Because you can wear tribal braids in various ways, the price of these braids can range from $120 to $250.

The cost of these braids can be high, especially if you get them professionally done in a salon setting.

Based on the length, you will probably need 4 to 6 packs to achieve your desired look. Make sure to ask your hairstylist how many packs of extensions you will need, for the best results if you get them done by a professional. If you decide to go to a hair salon, the stylist may give tips and instructions for maintenance during your visit.

Quality Synthetic Hair

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Fulani Braids Styles

Now, below are 10+ versatile ways you can wear this braided hairstyle.

With Beads

Braids with beads are great for this hairstyle.

If you are looking to add some jewelry to your braids, why not add some beads!

Moreover, you can find all sorts of beads from this jewelry shop, House of Gems, on Etsy.

black girl with  shoulder length fulani braids with beads hairstyle.
Photo Credit: Unknown on Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Creative Fulani Updos

Just like having beads in your hair, you can achieve another creative Fulani style, but with an updo. Check out these ponytail styles!

girl with blonde Fulani braids ponytail hairstyle
Photo Credit: Unkown
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Unkown

Long Styles

Looking to add some length to your hair? Check out these Fulani long braid styles below for some inspiration.

woman with Fulani braids long hairstyle.
Photo Credit: Harmonicurls

Each Fulani hairstyle offers a little bit of something different, so have you tried Fulani braids?

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