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The Ultimate Used Surfboards Buying Guide

Are you interested in saving money on buying a surfboard? Are you just starting as a beginner surfer, learning how to surf? Do you want to replace your current surfboard? Are you looking for a cheap surfboard?  

why not look into purchasing used surfboard?

Why you should buy a used surfboard

Well, below are a few reasons to consider why you should be buying a used board:

  1. A used surfboard will cost you less.  Buying a used surfboard will save you money. Since new surfboards are so expensive, why not look into purchasing a used board?
  2. You will be a more eco-friendly shopper.   When you buy a used board, you are reducing carbon emissions. Reducing carbon emissions is very good for the environment.
  3. You can get your money back. Most importantly, you can always resell your used board. You can even get most of your money back if you decide to trade it in!  If you buy a used board, try to keep your board in good condition.

How much do used surfboards cost?

The model, shape, and size of the board can affect how much your board will cost. Most importantly, the overall condition! Prices for used boards can range anywhere from $50 to $1000+.

It does not hurt to try to negotiate for a better price for your used board! Check out these 10 tips for negotiating a better price!

Remember, you are trying to save money.  Just do thorough research about rates of used boards.

Where to buy used surfboards:

How to inspect a used board

 Ding Check
  • Look for punctures, holes, and cracks.  If there are dings, make sure they get fixed.  It would be best if you promptly got it repaired.  You want to prevent further damage to the surfboard. Repairing dings can be done at home and are very easy to fix.  Click here for a list of some of the best surfboard ding repair kits on the market.
Buckle Check
  • When a board has a crease across its width, this is a buckle. It is not good if there is a crease is in the middle or tail of the board. So, it is wise not to buy a used board with a buckle in the middle or rear of the surfboard.  Be aware that sellers may paint over a crease or even paste stickers over it.
  • On the flip side, buckles located in the nose can be fixed!
Tail Cancer and Delamination Check
  • “Tail cancer” is described when a surfboard keeps taking in water in the tail. The surfboard keeps taking in water because of a ding, such as cracks, punctures, and holes, in the rear.  To fix the “tail cancer,” it is wise to get it repaired by a professional.
  • Surfboard Delamination occurs when the skin of the surfboard; for instance, fiberglass stops sticking to the foam core.  Thus, it can feel soft to the touch.

Happy surfboard hunting!

The Ultimate Used Surfboard Buying Guide.  Surfboards laying against palm trees on the beach!
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