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Streetwear Clothing + 2 Streetwear for Women Brands

What is Streetwear?

Streetwear clothing is a trend that will never go out of style. The word streetwear is quite a common term in the modern-day fashion industry. The term streetwear refers to a unique street fashion style. It also incorporates aspects of hip-hop fashion, modern-day high fashion, as well as haute couture.

Streetwear is a laid-back fashion style that initially became big in the 1990s. It includes comfy yet stylish clothing such as graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, jeans, oversized sweaters as well as pricey sneakers.

It takes ideas from both hip-hop culture and skater style, with the additional component of intended product deficiency.

Fans of the most up-to-date trends in streetwear are referred to as “Hypebeasts.” Numerous fans go to exceptional lengths to obtain limited-edition brand baseball caps, hoodies, sneakers, and more.

Brief History of Streetwear Clothing

The initial streetwear brands arose in the Southern part of the state of California in the 1980s when surfers sold screen-printed T-shirts to advertise their hand-shaped surfboards.

Influenced by the street fashion of Los Angeles skateboarders and surfers along with hip-hop style, skateboarding shops in New york city City began producing their very own creations in the 1990s.

Sneaker culture defined as collectors of expensive sneakers, in the 2000s, overlayed with and inspired streetwear style.

Hypebeasts combined their graphic t-shirts with an athletic sneaker, and also partnerships were plentiful.

In the 2010s, high-end streetwear was born. As youths, as well as social influencers, made streetwear a vital element of pop culture, the fashion industry– from mainstream sports apparel brands to high-end style brands got in on the movement.

Why is Streetwear So Popular?

streetwear clothing

Personal preference and appeal. Streetwear is wearable art that conveys self-expression to people.

Streetwear allows for a wide range of color, style, and personalization while also having a pretty generalized style.

As explained above, streetwear includes bomber jackets, joggers, and oversized T-shirts in streetwear, for example.

The streetwear style is cool on its own. Also, you can pair it with other Streetwear clothing. However, you can also sometimes throw some classics in, like a sports blazer.

Why is Streetwear So Expensive?

Streetwear is known to be expensive. Below are some reasons why.

  • Limited Supply, High Demand: Due to a limited supply of streetwear brands, products are high in demand among streetwear fans.
  • High Resale Value:  Third-party retailers resell clothing products at a value. For example, a Supreme t-shirt that cost $40 might sell for $400 on third party online stores. 
  • Authenticity: Authenticity is of supreme importance in the fashion world. That is because people often purchase clothing for the brand’s reputation. Also, what that reputation could say about them. 

Streetwear Clothing Brands

Below, we will discuss 2 new streetwear clothing brands.

1. Dos Jefes Garments

streetwear clothing

The Detroit-based clothing brand Dos Jefes Garments is an eco-friendly brand.

This label has created their hoodies, sweatpants, etc., from items like backpacks and throws blankets found in thrift stores.

Dos Jefes Garments sell hoodies, hats, tie-dyed shirts, and shorts. The prices vary in costs from $30 to $200.

The streetwear brand releases new pieces every Sunday on the brands’ website. The majority of their clothing items sell out the following day.

Streetwear Clothing

Photos via instagram @dos_jefes

  • streetwear clothing

2. Roz Avenue

streetwear clothing

This streetwear clothing brand, Roz Avenue, is relatively new to the street fashion scene.

The brand is founded by 5 sisters, the Rozmajzls.

This label also sells streetwear clothing that is ethically sourced, artisan-made, and sustainable.

They sell tank tops, sweatpants, hoodies, and sets. The prices vary in costs from $26 to $60.

Streetwear Clothing

Photos via instagram @shoprozave

  • streetwear clothing
  • streetwear clothing

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