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5 Slow Fashion Brands That Are Rising to the Occasion

The fashion industry is currently undergoing a socially-fueled revolution, thanks to clothing labels that put sustainability at the forefront.

As the popularity of slow fashion continues to rise, so does the pressure on fast fashion brands to keep up.

Welcome to the world of slow fashion and the brands that are keeping the movement alive.

What is Slow Fashion?

Let’s first discuss the meaning of slow fashion before diving into the great brands that are making it all happen. Everyone has their own perspective on what slow fashion means, but no matter how you spin it, the meaning involves specific values.

At its core, the slow fashion revolution is all about long-term over short-term, recycling over waste, thoughtfully-made over quick turnaround. It is all about quality over quantity and reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

5 Best Slow Fashion Brands

No matter if you are a newcomer to slow fashion or have been involved in the movement since its inception, there are always more brands to discover.

These five best slow fashion brands are making big waves in the industry. By supporting their mission, you are- in turn- helping them revolutionize the fashion world and the planet in one go.

1. Stella McCartney

The Stella McCartney slow fashion brand was one of the first luxury, socially-conscious brands. She helped pioneer the industry by keeping her designs at the luxe level while also using sustainable materials. Stella is also an animal activist, so you won’t find any real leather, fur, feathers, or animal products here.

2. Re/Done

Move over, stiff denim, the better pair of jeans is in town. Re/Done is a Los Angeles-based slow fashion brand. The slow fashion brand company is making it their mission to reconstruct lived-in denim fabric into brand-new jeans. Most of their products have a vintage vibe and are actually created from vintage Levi’s denim.

3. Reformation

Just the name itself screams “slow fashion revolution” by definition. Reformation is also another LA-based slow fashion brand that’s sewing up cool designs out of repurposed vintage clothing as well as plant-based fibers. Most of their pieces have a chic, feminine, natural feel.

4. Eileen Fisher

This slow fashion brand takes sustainability to a whole new level. The most noteworthy aspect of Eileen Fisher is their two sustainability programs: Renew and Waste No More. Each program dedicates to turning old, damaged clothing into pieces of art- literally.

5. Alternative Apparel

Don’t confuse this slow fashion brand with the fast-fashion label, American Apparel. Besides, Alternative Apparel produces sustainable, organic garments, but they make packaging more eco-friendly. Their packaging is oxo-biodegradable, minimizing waste from production to post-sell.

The Slow Fashion Revolution

An ethical, social, and environmental battle is being fought in the fashion industry. Throw yourself into the conversation.

Thus, we’re not saying you have to change your buying habits immediately, but we encourage you to make conscious purchasing decisions.

Even just checking out the slow fashion brands above is a step towards a sustainable direction.

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