African waist beads


History of Arican Waist Beads

African waist beads are standard vibrant beaded accessories that came from Africa many centuries back. They are generally put on around the waistline or hips and symbolize magnificent femininity. Many admire the beads for their elegance, cultural importance, and what the beads represent in this present time or age.

What Are Waist Beads?

African waist beads blue

In the old Egyptian past, waist beads were once referred to as “girdle.”
Waist beads are single or many strands of beads made from different glass, metal, crystal, bone, and wooden beads wrapped around the waist and belly.

African waist beads were made famous by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. It is noted as early as the 15th century, that and African waist beads were worn. Moreover, people wore waist beads for many purposes as mentioned previously, for instance, such as rites of passage and as a status symbol. Traditional waist beads are strung on a cotton cord with no clasp or hook and are meant to be worn until they break or fall off.

Benefits of Waist Beads

Countless individuals wear waist beads to help:

  • body positivity
  • self-love
  • acceptance
  • womanhood
  • power
  • fertility

What are Waist Beads Used For?

  • Weight observation
  • Posture
  • Intimacy and fertility
  • Maturity
  • Heritage and pride

African Waist Beads Colors Meanings

There are many ways, colors, and supplies to pick in waist beads. Your waist beads can be heavy with symbolism if you thus prefer. Every color and charm is correlated with a distinct meaning:

  • Pink: Care, beauty, love and kindness
  • Red: Confidence and vitality
  • Turquoise: Communication and self awareness
  • Orange: Courage, self confidence and vitality
  • Yellow: Energy, joy and happiness
  • Green: Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity
  • White: Light, truth and purity
  • Purple: Royalty, spirituality and wisdom
  • Gold: Good health, power and wealth
  • Brown: Earth and stability
  • Blue: Loyalty and truth
  • Black: Power and protection

African Waist Beads Charms Meanings

  • Evil eye: protection against negativity
  • Green aventurine: luck, prosperity, wealth
  • Hamsa: protection against evil or bad luck
  • Lapis lazuli: peace, wisdom, truth, insight

Waist Beads DIY

African waist beads with wire.

Below we will provide details on all the best beads and essential supplies to creating your waist beads at home.

Waist Beads Supplies

  1. Beadalon wire
  2. Seed beads – you can use any size from 6/0, 8/0, or 11/0.
  3. Crimp beads (2)*
  4. Bead stopper
  5. Closed jump ring (1)*
  6. Lobster clasp (1)*
  7. Wire cutters
  8. Crimping tool

How to Make Your Own Waist Beads

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to make your waist beads.

1) Measure Your Waist

Wrap your Beadalon around your waist. Then, when you have your measurement, be sure you can fit two fingers between your waist and the Beadalon. You want to ensure that your waist beads aren’t going to be uncomfortably tight when you sit.

2) Cut Your Bead Stringing Wire (Beadalon)

When you cut your bead stringing wire (Beadalon), add at least six additional inches. Therefore, you will have plenty to string through your crimp bead and be able to grasp your wire without trying to strain your fingers.

3) Attaching Your Seed Beads

Put your bead stopper about 3 inches from your end of the wire. Then, start beading your seed beads over your wire. You can create a design in a pattern or stick with one color.

4) Joining Your Closure 

String your crimp bead. Then, your lobster claw clap. Next, string your beading wire back through the crimp bead. Place your crimp bead on the second notch of your crimping pliers. Tightly press your pliers. A dent should be in the middle of your crimp bead. Now, move your crimp bead to the outside groove and rotate your crimp bead to a 90-degree point so that it sits upright. Tightly press your pliers again. Your crimp bead should now be wrapped. Also, your clasp should be securely attached.

5) Repeat Step

Follow the directions in step 4 above the other side of your wire, but you will be attaching your closed jump ring instead of a clasp. After crimping both sides, you have finally created your very own waist beads.

Where to Buy Waist Beads

The best places to buy waist beads are from:

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