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Everything You Need To Know About Soap Saver

Are you not a fan of mushy soap? Do you want to extend the life of your soap bar? Well, using a soap saver will prevent your soap from becoming soft.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about soap savers. We’ll cover things such as what is a soap saver, why you should use one, types of materials used, how to use a soap saver, and the 3 best soap savers.

What is a Soap Saver?

Are you not a fan of mushy soap? Well, using a soap saver will prevent your soap from becoming soft. Also, it does not allow your soap to lay in water to become mashy. By using a soap saver, the soap will dry faster and will last much longer.

There are lots of soap savers on the market, and we intend to steer you in the right direction when going about your daily shower or bath routine and determine the best soap saver of your choice.

Types of Materials Used

Below are some various choices of soap savers that are available on the market:

  • Plastic
  • Silicone
  • Wooden
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sisal
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Bio-plastic, a plant-based plastic 


Soap savers have many benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider swapping :

  • Extends the life of a soap bar.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • It helps keep the residue out of your shower.
  • Soap bar dries quicker.
  • If you use a soap saver bag, it can be used as an exfoliator too.

How Does a Soap Saver Work?

Depending on whether you are using bar soap bags or a more traditional soap saver, there are different ways to use soap savers.


Place the bar of soap on top of your choice of a soap saver ( wood, bio-plastic, stainless steel, etc.) and away from direct contact with water to extend the life of your soap.

Soap Bag

Note, with a soap saver bag you will put your soap bar in the pouch and pull the drawstring closed. To bathe, soak the soap and pouch, and lather yourself up. When you finish, hang up the soap bar pouch, soap and all, and leave your bag and soap to dry in between uses.

For a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

3 Top Soap Saver Brands You Should Know About

1) Dr. Squatch

Soap Saver
Photo Credit: Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch’s shower accessory is one of their most popular products to buy!

  • Constructed from reclaimed California cedar
  • Fits to bar to lessen soap residue
  • Dries soap between use to extend the life up to 2x
  • Finished with an organic vegetable oil blend to help prevent bar sticking

How to use Dr. Squatch Soap Saver

The corrugation ridges on the soap saver enable the water on the soap bar to drain, giving the cleanser a chance to dry. Dr. Squatch supports the soap stay in place without significant movement. Set the Dr. Squatch Soap Saver and soap away from the shower spray. Not only will the soap dry faster, but it will stay dry longer, as well.

2) Naturistic Bath and Body

Photo Credit: Naturistic Bath and Body

This bestseller soap bag for the shower is sold by Naturistic Bath and Body on Etsy.

  • Handmade and made from Natural Terry Cotton with Toggle
  • Slightly softer than the Sisal Soap Pouches
  • Great for those little leftover bits and pieces of soap, or a whole bar
  • This pouch provides gentle exfoliation

How to use Natural Terry Cotton Soup Pouch

Just put soap in the Soap Pouch, pull the drawstring, then wet and lather. Wring out excess water and hang to dry between uses.

Note: Naturistic’s Bath and Body also sells other soap bag products on Etsy. So check them out here.

3) Eco Roots

Photo Credit: Eco Roots

This is eco-friendly, soap saver bag for the shower is sold by Eco Roots.

  • Made of sustainable sisal-a 100% natural fiber that comes from the agave cactus family.
  • This is a dual-action exfoliator.
  • Produces a creamy, rich lather or to exfoliate and massage your head, hands, or body.
  • It works as a body scrubber, too, since the fibers are firm enough to cast off dead skin without producing scratches.

How to use Eco Roots Soap Pouch

Put the soap bar into the pouch and secure it with the drawstring. When you are finished, rinse and hang it up. This pouch nestles around a bar of soap. After each use, rinse and hang up to dry.

How to Crochet Bar Soap Pouch

Crocheting bar soap bags are easy to do if you decide to go the DIY route.


  • Cotton yarn
  • Crochet Hook-size varies
  • Yarn Needle for weaving ends
  • Scissors

DIY Crochet Soap Saver Pouch

For a detailed visual on a DIY crochet soap bag, refer to the videos below.

Crochet Tutorials

Extending the soap life and no more goopy mess. So, are you going to make the switch over now that you know more about soap savers?

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