Eco Friendly Denim Brands: Your Ultimate Guide

Eco-friendly denim brands may be a newish thing in the world of fashion. But the blue jean certainly isn’t!

Here’s a bit of fashion history for you: did you know that American favourite, the blue jean, actually has its roots deeply embedded in Europe? Yep, that’s right: Europeans invented the jean, make no mistake. Even the words we use to describe blue jeans are just corruptions of European words: denim was traditionally coloured in a blue shade with indigo dye, on sturdy  Serge de Nimes twill fabric, or “de-Nimes” for short (of course, that’s ‘denim’ now to me and you). As for “jeans,” this word evolved based on a cotton/linen blend fabric produced in Genoa  as far back as the 16th century  – which is called jeanes in French.

Jeans made their way over to the USA with mass immigration from Europe’s working class, and this traditional Euro-workwear was happily adopted in the ‘new country’. Since that time, the rise of the ethical fashion movement has pointed out how harmful denim dyes can be for the environment, and how much water, land, and energy is wasted making jeans during the manufacturing processes.

Today, more and more denim-based brands are using recycled materials like plastic bottles or upcycled old denim to create new fashions, or are finding ways to dramatically reduce the water and carbon footprint of making jeans. It sounds pretty smug and self-righteous, right? But modern eco-denim can be super-sassy and sexy, as you shall soon see!

Here are a few eco-friendly denim brands that infuse a lot of sass and style into everything from jeans and denim tops to handbags.

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