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Do You Follow The 7Rs Of Sustainable Fashion?

If you care about the planet, you need to learn – and follow – the 7Rs of sustainable fashion

Most of us have been taught the 3Rs of the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle. But what about the 7Rs of sustainable fashion?

I’d guess that most of us apply those 3Rs to stuff in our kitchen – am I right? For example, we aim to reduce plastics by purchasing loose fruits and veggies. We aim to reuse things like tinfoil and to recycle bottles, paper, and plastic. But what about all the stuff in our closets?

There’s plenty of evidence that more of us want to consume clothing more sustainably. According to Lyst’s 2020 Conscious Fashion Report, the term “slow fashion” has generated over 90 million social impressions in 12 months, and the average monthly searches for sustainability-related keywords in fashion went from 27,000 in 2019 to over 32,000 in 2020. But not everyone knows how to be a more sustainable consumer.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to be an eco-fashionista: all you need to do is follow the 7Rs of sustainable fashion! They’re simple and rather interconnected. Not sure what that entails? It’s all spelled out below.

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