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Cottagecore Explained: Fashion, Bedroom Design, and Even Hairstyles

Pixie dust, rural charm, wildflowers, and lots of linen. Do those elements strike a familiar image? Yes, you guessed it, we’re exploring cottagecore.

The aesthetic realm of cottagecore is both visually pleasing but mysterious to the untrained eye. What is cottagecore? What does it mean? How does one follow the cottagecore lifestyle? 

We’re going to break it down easy for you and explain everything cottagecore, from nostalgic fashion to romantic interior decorating and flowing hairstyles.

What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is simply an aesthetic movement characterized by nostalgia, romance, countryside pleasantries, and it is an ode to the early days of our agricultural lifestyle. Other terms that get lumped together with this lifestyle are farmcore, fairycore, grandmacore, forestcore, naturecore, prairecore, and goblincore. The names alone reveal a LOT about the aesthetic. 

While this fashion lifestyle is perfectly capable of surviving on its own, the movement is driven by social media influencers- Paula Sutton to name one- and online communities. A simple hashtag search for #cottagecore on Instagram will yield over a million results, and the same goes for Tumblr too. We actually have Tumblr to thank for the birth of the aesthetic cottagecore movement. 

Cottagecore Fashion

Photo Credit: jasmin chew

We cannot talk about this dreamy aesthetic without mentioning cottagecore fashion. After all, the unique fashion is (arguably) a huge characteristic of the trend. 

Contrasted to scenes like normcore or streetstyle where minimal colors and Nike slides are the rage, cottagecore goes for bold. You won’t find Adidas sneakers or nylon backpacks here. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of men’s fashion in this lifestyle either. 

Cottagecore fashion pulls from highly feminine, vintage, colorful, flowy elements. So, you might see a long billowy dress with floral accents. Or you might see a knitted top with trousers and prairie-like shoes to create a nostalgic look. The point of this fashion is to feel dressed up but easy-going while embodying all of those elements mentioned above. 

It’s also worth noting that sustainability and ethical clothing are a great match to cottagecore due to their association with natural, nature-based living. 

Cottagecore Hairstyles

Photo by Julia Volk on

As seen through the decades and through all aesthetic movements, hairstyles naturally complement fashion. Just look at emo culture where side-swept bangs and teased, colorful hair went hand-in-hand with the trend. 

The same can be said of this lifestyle, but with less hairspray and more curls.

Common ways to style hair to match the cottagecore trend involve lots of bows, ribbons, scrunchies, sashes, and flowers. Nothing says fairycore hair like a flower crown or braids woven together with flowers. 

Loose curls, flowing locks, petite buns, and all sorts of braids make for the perfect look. So, pin back your hair with a satin sash and experiment with a flower or two.

Cottagecore Interior Design

Photo Credit: Diana Akhmetianova

One key aspect of cottagecore interior design is bringing natural elements from the outdoors into your home. This includes everything from houseplants to dried flowers, fresh flower assortments, dried mushrooms, wooden décor, and earthy colors. 

Some people like vibrant designs, while others prefer a neutral color palette. From the living room to the bedroom, it’s easy to create a fairycore ambiance. Perhaps you realized you NEED to cover your entire bedroom in as much blue and white botanical print from Hill House as possible, and that’s ok. 

Add in a few of your grandma’s trinkets and take a trip to the antique shop, and you’re on your way to having the cottagecore bedroom, living room, and overall home of your dreams.

Living the Cottagecore Lifestyle 

Photo Credit: Sunsetoned

There are no rules when it comes to cottagecore. Well, other than aesthetic suggestions, of course. To fully embody the cottagecore energy, one must emphasize romance and nostalgia- longing for sweet memories of the past. 

The lifestyle is about simple living in a wholesome environment that you create for yourself. Sure, it’s easy to get swallowed by the idea of modernizing everything in your life, but sometimes candles are better than lamps, and a green pasture is better than a concrete jungle. 

With that said, you don’t have to hide away in a vintage cot somewhere in Europe to live the cottagecore lifestyle. No. And in fact, it would be silly to think that everyone could do so. It isn’t about moving your entire life to a secluded farm- unless that’s what you truly want. 

If you’re enjoying your current surroundings, baking good food, doing a little gardening, and surrounding yourself with elements of nature and romance, then you’re already in a cottagecore world. Enjoy it however you see fit. 

Away to the Cottage We Go 

white daisy flower field during golden hour
Photo Credit: Krystyna Zygalska

Saddle your horses (literally) and pack a tasty (but healthy) picnic lunch. We’re off to the cottage. A field of wild daisies await our bare feet, and the sun is eager to gently kiss our cheeks as we inhale fresh flower-scented air. 

Maybe you’re reading this while lounging under a giant oak tree, or perhaps you’re sitting back on your couch imagining your apartment as a cabin. Either way, may the spirit of cottagecore guide you towards positive, good-natured living and nurture whatever makes you the happiest. 

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