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Guide to Best California Camper Van Rental

Traveling around a camper van rental in California is a great way to explore the legendary pacific coast tourist sights for your next road trip. Whether you are traveling solo, with a group of friends or with family, there are many camper van rental companies in California to choose your perfect van. In this article, we will take a glance at a few top-ranked camper van rental companies to rent from in California rental locations, and feature several types of camper van rentals.

3 Camper Van Rental Companies

1. Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans currently offers four campervan models that are fully equipped and custom-built.

You can find these cool campervans across 12 rental locations in the United States and Canada.

In California, you can find rental locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The rates for renting a campervan from this company do change and depend on demand, season, length of trip, and pick up location. Check for a quote or reach out to their reservations team.

The minimum rental requirement ranges from 3 to 14 days.

So get ready to have an exciting road trip adventure. Why not start your journey in the beautiful city of San Francisco? 

Santa Cruz, one of the newest fuel-efficient and space campervan models, is excellent if you want to travel solo or with another person if you do not need the extra space.

Take a quick closer look below at the Santa Cruz campervan.

Featured Camper Van Rental

Santa Cruz

Rental Location: San Franciso and Los Angeles

When you rent your Santa Cruz camper in San Francisco for your road trip, there is a vast array of places to travel to during your journey around California. While you are in San Francisco, you can start your journey by visiting Mission District Fisherman’s Wharf or take a short drive to the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge.

Also, when you’re ready to travel and want to see more of the West Coast, you have plenty of possibilities. You can travel to adventurous destinations like  Big Sur, Redwoods, or make a California coast trip up to the Pacific Northwest, take a scenic drive to Pebbles Beach, and so much more.

Photo Credit: Escape Campervans
Photo Credit: Escape Campervans
Photo Credit: Escape Campervans
Photo Credit: Escape Campervans

Brief Look

Sleeps: 2

Seats: 2

Rates: Varies

Minimum stay: Varies

Mileage: 100 miles free per day. Then you will be charged $0.75 for every mile over per day.


  • Double Bed
  • 1-burner propane stove
  • Camp Chair $20.00 per day
  • Dual-powdered refrigerator
  • Water tank and Sink
  • Sliding doors and storage space on both sides

Other Feautres: Click here.

2. Go Camp

Go Camp has plenty of unique and fun camper vans to rent at select locations in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. This van rental company can be described similarly to AirBnB but for camp rental vans.

With so many campervans to pick from, you will definitely find your perfect camper for your next road trip!

Included in your cool camper van are bedding, kitchen items, cookware, and various other camping items.

Prices do vary by season. All you have to do is put in your selected dates for an accurate quote.

Additionally, there is a minimum number of nights that you have to rent your camper van. Generally, rental periods in the low season are 2 to 3 nights, depending on the van. While rental periods in the high season, the minimum nights usually are 3 to 5 nights.

You can select a camper van rental from Go Camp in three rental locations throughout the state in the following cities: San Franciso, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Check out the Blanca, the featured van rental below in the San Diego, CA rental location.

Featured Camper Van Rental

Blanca-Ford E150 Custom Camper

Rental Location: San Diego, CA

Photo Credit: Go Camp
Photo Credit: Go Camp
Photo Credit: Go Gamp
Photo Credit: Go Camp
Photo Credit: @gocamp_rentals

Brief Look

Sleeps: 2

Seats: 2

Rates: $160.00 per night

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Mileage: 125 miles free per day. Then you will be charged $35 cents per mile.  for every mile over per day.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Special Note: This particular camper van can travel throughout: Oregan, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, British Columbia. You can even take a road trip to the famous Burning Man festival!

Optional Add Ons and Key Features: Check them all out here!

3. Outdoorsy

The Outdoorsy rental company slightly differs from the others. Useres have coined this rental company the “Airbnb of RV rentals.”

Also, you can find your perfect camper van rental from Outdoorsy in so many cities across the United States.

The average rates of RV rentals range between $50 and $75 a night. The cost depends on the class of RV. Keep in mind, though, that rental prices can go up or down based on various factors such as location, season, and extra amenities.

Check the listings to see the minimum number of nights for your camper rental.

Outdoorsy does offer long term rentals too. You can reach out to the owners to chat about extended rental periods. Use Outdoorsy’s RV search.

The most popular RV rental destinations in California include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. In California alone, the options are endless. Click here to explore more California RV rentals across the state.

Oh, and check out the featured Knowmad van below. The Knowmad camper is a new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van – 2500 series.

You can find this van in the Malibu, CA, rental location. See below for a glance.

Featured Camper Van Rental

Knowmad Van- 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Rental Location: Malibu, CA

If you elect to rent a camper in Malibu, CA, you will get to enjoy some of the great beaches that Hollywood studios use as filming sites for many television shows and movies. Beaches such as Carbon Beach, Surfrider Beach, Westward Beach, Escondido Beach, Paradise Cove, Point Dume, Pirates Cove, to name a few.

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: @knowmadvan

Brief Look

Sleeps: 3

Rates: Daily/Monthly/Weekly $450.00 per night

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Mileage: 100 miles free per day. Then You will be charged $0.75 for every mile over per day.


  • Air conditioner, heater, ceiling fan
  •  Refrigerator, Kitchen sink, microwave, dining table
  • Outside shower

Optional Add Ons and Key Features: Check them all out here.

Are you ready to pack your bags and taking an exciting adventure around California or travel to other states with a camper van rental?

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