Best USA Campervan Rental Companies

Pack your bags and get ready to have an adventure, it’s time for a road trip across the USA! Nothing says summertime fun like a good, old fashioned road trip with friends and family (or just yourself, flying solo is excellent too).

Using a campervan rental has become a popular way to travel because it’s like having your car and a hotel with you wherever you go! Check out one of these USA campervan rental companies that are proven to be the best.

1. Lost Campers Budget Campervan Rentals

Photo Credit: Lost Campers Sierra Van

As the name suggests, this USA campervan rental company prides itself on being among the most affordable rental options- yet still one of the best in quality. They have been operating since 2007 and have acquired a “family” of over 15,000 campers (customers). Each campervan includes bedding, kitchen kits, necessary camping equipment, and exceptional customer service.

2. Escape Campervans

Photo Credit: Escape Campervans: ESC Jeep Camper

According to their website, about 10,000 road-trippers use their company each year. You can take a ride in one of five premium vans they offer: Santa Cruz, Mavericks, Big Sur, Jeep Camper, and Newport Camper. Escape Campervans has been in the industry for over 16 years, so they know what people need (and expect) to have a comfortable trip. There are about 12 locations across North America. One in New York, one in Miami, and the rest spread across the West coast.

3. Outdoorsy

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy 1969 Volkswagen T2

This campervan rental company is a bit different from the rest. What makes Outdoorsy one of the best in the USA is their unique business model for renting the RVs. Think of this company as the “Airbnb of RV rentals,” as other users have coined it. To get started renting your campervan or motorhome, you search their website for what you want, book your rental, pick it up or get it delivered to you, hit the road exploring, and then return the rental to its owner. Each rental is unique, so it is quite an interesting experience using an Outdoorsy rental.

4. Native Campervans

Photo Credit: Native Campervans The OG

Native campervans provide the essentials needed to achieve an epic road adventure. Choose from the Biggie, the Smalls, the Squad, or the OG campervan- each one designed differently with your comfort in mind. Their rentals look sleek, modern, and less bulky than traditional campervans. With three locations across the West, this company is perfect for West Coast travelers. Native Campervans even allows travel to Canada without extra fees or out of state penalties.

5. Wandervans

Photo Credit: Wandervans Large Van

Transparency and simplicity are vital when booking any rental, and Wandervans has mastered both. There are three campervan options to choose from: small, medium, and large. The specs of each are laid out for you to browse, with details about what to expect when renting from their company. A kitchen, refrigerator, curtains, fan, table + chairs, stove, and bug screens are included with every rental, and the rental cost includes of 150 miles per day.

Start your USA campervan rental search with one of those five great companies above. Each company is so unique and offers a little bit of something different, so you are sure to find at least one rental that meets your needs. What is your favorite part about traveling?

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