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These 5 Adult Surf Camps Around the World Will Feel Like a Vacation

Surf camps are not just for kids; they are for adults too! You and your friends can learn how to ride the waves like a pro with talented and certified surfing school instructors.

Imagine waking up next to the beach for a week straight, inhaling the scent of the ocean and downing a cup of coffee (or tea) in anticipation of setting foot on the sand with your cool school friends.

You’ll watch the sun rise and fall over the horizon before going to sleep, knowing you just leveled up your surfing skills a little bit more that day. When tomorrow comes, you will do it all over again- happily. One could say that adult surf camps feel almost like a vacation- these five certainly do at least.

1. Puro Surf – El Zonte, El Salvador

Wow, what a beauty! This surf camp has a tropical resort look and feel. Located on the oceanfront of El Zonte, prepare to be greeted with amazing waves and spectacular ocean views. Not only do the instructors teach you how to surf, but you can also enjoy their fully-equipped gym, yoga studio, pool, and cozy rooms.

2. Shaka Beach Resort – Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

This surf camp is the place to be if you enjoy sleeping beachside in a minimalistic yet elegant and comfortable villa. You’ll have plenty of time to relax with your friends or make new ones in the Shaka community areas. When you are not upgrading your surf game, you can enjoy a yoga & mindfulness session to restore the mind and body. In fact, the daily schedule looks something like this: sunrise snack, surfing lesson, brunch, yoga, dinner.

3. Tiny Whale Surf Lodge – Lagos, Portugal

The Tiny Whale Surf Lodge calls themselves a boutique surf camp, and they live up to that “boutique” label. Each room is private, spacious, suite-style, and fully stocked with luxurious modern amenities. Their on-call staff will even serve you snacks and drinks when you come back from the shore and keep your bellies satisfied with fresh, home-cooked meals that could rival any five-star hotel.

4. Rapture Surfcamp Bali – Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famous for being a spiritual, lush, tranquil, ethereal destination. The Rapture Surfcamp is no different. This adult surf camp is nestled among deep greenery and blue ocean waves that make the environment feel secluded and downright otherworldly. The predominant color scheme involves lots of whites and blues, which creates an ambiance of intense relaxation combined with modern living.

5. Nancy Emerson School of Surfing – Oahu, Hawaii

Nancy Emerson is a professional, champion surfer, who is famous for a secret technique she uses on the surf. Her school is one of friendliest, safest, and oldest adult-friendly surfing schools in Hawaii. It has been around since 1973, so they must be doing something right. One of the reasons why this all-ages and all-levels surf school is the best is because of the instructors. They are passionate about both surfing and teaching.

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