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A Guide: How to Sell Used Clothes Online

Whether you need to clean out your overflowing closet or make a quick bit of cash by selling your outdated threads, we’ve got you covered.

Like they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new.” That concept can be applied to almost anything, but here, we’re talking about selling used clothing online.

Welcome to your quick-tip guide for how to sell used clothes online.

Let’s dive in.

How to Sell Your Old, Used Clothes Online

Before you prepare to sell those clothes or shoes you don’t want anymore, pause. Create a dedicated pile just for resell items, and then look up listings online for those similar pieces. This will give you a good starting point for understanding how to sell your secondhand clothes online.

1. Take Plenty of Pictures

An image says 1,000 words, and in the world of online shopping, pictures are what either makes or breaks a listing. A picture captures attention first, so make your photos count. Take as many as possible from all angles. Shoot pictures of your for-sale items in a clean, brightly-lit environment

Where to Sell Used Clothes

2. Choose Your App

Next, in this how-to guide, choose the platform you will sell your old clothing items on. Since we are only listing our pre-loved items online, you’ll need to find a secondhand marketplace (eBay or Facebook) or download a resell app.

The following are the best apps to sell used clothes:

3. Make the Description Count

Be as thorough as possible in your online listing. Describe your contemporary silver earrings or suede platform boots in as much detail as possible. Even list the dimensions of the items if applicable.

Remember, be completely transparent & honest with the information you present. If there’s a small tear on the backside of the left pant leg, list it.

4. Price Appropriately

This is where your preliminary research comes into play. If the average price for used vintage denim is $20, don’t price your exact same item for $50 unless it is really unique.

Stay around the average price to gather more interest and increase your chances of selling faster. Only rare or unique items should be listed above the average market value.

5. Follow Etiquette

The realm of online secondhand selling has its own set of rules and etiquette. Get to know the platform you are listing your items on and follow a few universal tips. For example, reply to messages as soon as possible. Be respectful and detailed in your communications too.

Conclusion: How to Sell Used Clothes Online

Your Old Clothing is Someone’s Fave New Piece

That sweet taste of victory never gets old after you’ve made a sale; the first sale always feels the best. If you don’t sell your clothing right away, don’t panic.

Online resale markets fluctuate depending on what’s trending and what’s going on in our world. Sometimes all it takes is a minor adjustment to your listing to get that 90’s vintage dress sold.

Remember, selling and buying used clothing is highly sustainable, so that’s a major upside of thrifting. Your old clothing could be someone else’s favorite new look, so why not give selling a try and empty your closet online before tossing it away.

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