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5 Ethical Fashion Brands That You Can Actually Afford

5 Ethical Fashion Brands That You Can Actually Afford

There is this notion that ethical fashion is overpriced and too expensive to purchase. While we admit that some slow fashion brands come with quite a luxury price tag, affordability does exist.

High-quality can coexist with low cost in the clothing industry without the waste and inefficiency associated with fast fashion.

Before we share a few of our favorite affordable, ethical fashion labels, let’s talk about what the term “ethical fashion” even means.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is a relatively new “buzzword” that’s swarming the fashion industry and igniting a revolution.

In a nutshell, ethical fashion is used to describe brands who take sustainable action in design to production, retail, and shipping.

Affordable Ethical Fashion Brands

Investing in clothing that has a long lifespan and can be worn throughout multiple seasons is important. That’s why we want to showcase five ethical fashion brands that you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford.

1. Happy Earth

The entire mission of Happy Earth is built around creating a happier and healthier planet. Their ethical clothing is both sustainable and high-quality but doesn’t come with a big price tag. You can also find blankets, stickers, eco-gear, and other knickknacks like paper goods. To give you an idea of cost, a blanket will run you $35, and a premium cotton organic beanie is $24.

2. Alternative Apparel

Another affordable, ethical fashion brand we love is Alternative Apparel. They have pretty much any garment or accessory you need, from socks and scarves to loungewear and casual dresses. Aside from a few wild prints, their designs are based mostly on simplicity and minimalism. Throw on a cropped cotton tee made from recycled material for about $38.

3. Pact

Pact is an ethical brand that sells women’s, men’s, kid’s, maternity, and baby clothing. They even sell organic, sustainably-created bed & bath goods. Considering the quality, their products are quite affordable. A pair of ultra-soft joggers is a $50 investment, while a set of bath towels is only $20.

4. Boody

We absolutely love Boody- the fashion label that produces designs made from organic bamboo. Their clothing is stylish, ethical, luxurious, natural, and affordable- all in one package. The Boody line includes fashion and accessories for men, women, babies, and activewear. We spotted a long-sleeve baby onesie for $35 and a men’s tank top for $24.

5. Everlane

Everlane was at the forefront of transparent clothing production when the movement began. All of their clothing is made from recycled materials and organic cotton. They also have quite an affordable pricing. Check out the sale section first, and you’ll find clothing for as little as $16.

The Future of Fashion is Ethical

Fast fashion is not fading yet! But the rise of ethical clothing brands is definitely giving fast fashion a run for its money.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to buy new threads from ethical brands to do your part. Thrift shopping and buying secondhand is also shopping sustainably.

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