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4 Trendy Beach Boutiques for Surfer Babes

Boho prints, textures, jewels of blue, and surf-inspired designs are every surfer girl’s fashion dream. Your heart lies along the shoreline, so wearing clothes and accessories that remind you of the sandy beach and tranquil waters allows you to connect with where your heart longs to be.

You can find surf-inspired designs at many mainstream stores, but why not shop at a small business boutique that specially caters to girls who surf and have a beach lifestyle?

Browse any of these trendy beach boutiques and you are sure to find a piece that makes your spirit swell just like the ocean.

1. Mora Girls Surf Boutique

Photo Credit:@mura_girls

We love this beach boutique because it is focused on encouraging others to relax, find themselves, and grow as a person- all while enjoying the wonders of the beach. Their designs are trendy, bohemian, and colorful yet minimal. There is a style for everyone, from seashell keychains to woven shoes and silken scarves. Mora also has a kid’s line, so you can dress up your precious little one (or a cute niece/nephew) in clothing that brings out their free spirit.

2. The Beach Boutique

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If you love palm leaves, colorful stripes, and  cozy tees that say “Surf Club” or similar, then the Surf Girl Beach Boutique is for you. Aside from amazing clothing and accessories, they also have their own Surf Girl magazine and array of household décor products! They do ship internationally, so make sure to change the currency to USD in the top right corner if dollars is your preferred currency.

3. Salt + Stone

Photo Credit: @salt.stone302

This beach boutique is one of those stores you visit when you want high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else. The elements and color tones they use bring out the grace of the ocean and the earthiness within the stones. You can also shop for crystals, smudge bundles, and beautiful art and décor. Salt + Stone combines the mysticism of spiritual hippies with the free-spirited nature of boho babes.

4. Roxy

Photo Credit: @roxy

Roxy is an amazing surf boutique that sells swimwear, accessories, shoes, fitness gear, surf gear, kids clothing, and even snow gear. They truly cover all the bases with their product lines. We all know eco-friendliness is important, and Roxy believes no different. Their POP Surf collection is made from 100% regenerated polyamide fiber, making it one of the most sustainable swim collections we have seen at a surf boutique. They claim to be saving 600 grams of solvent and 104 liters of water with every POP wetsuit they create. Not only are the designs very eco-friendly, but they are also super stylish and trendy.

Aren’t these beach boutiques the cutest? Start browsing their many designs and snag a new outfit (or two) to wear at the beach or out on the boardwalk with your friends. Which store is your go-to for all the best and trendiest surfing styles?

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