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4 Surf Movies on Netflix That You Should Watch (2021)

Stories of waves crashing, boards cutting through the water, surfers bracing for a wipeout- sounds like an adrenaline rush, right? Oh yeah.

Daydreaming about Surfing

The rise of surfing documentaries is wonderful for those who love the ocean and- more importantly- love playing in it. Given our certain global circumstances, maybe you could use the movie as an escape. Dive through the screen into those waves and experience the art of surfing for yourself.

One can dream.

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Binge-Worthy Movies With Surfing

While you might not be able to physically dive through the screen and escape 2020-quarantine, you can sink into your couch and imagine that you are there, on the beach, riding wave after glorious wave alongside the pros.

These Netflix movies about surfing will have you on your toes and experiencing a depth of emotion.

Netflix Surf Movies – 2021

Netflix has a never-ending stream of original content and binge-worthy movies. Here are a few surf movies that are currently available to stream right now.

Note: One documentary we would highly recommend is Fish People. It was on Netflix for a time but has been removed.

Look this flick up online and watch it. Trust us.

Image Credit: Fish People

Resurface (2017)

Even the title of the movie sounds heavy; it makes an impact. The plot of Resurface revolves around army veterans who have experienced trauma in the line of duty.

They seek the waves and therapeutic comfort of the surf- using surfing as a tool to heal, recover, and transform. If you are in the mood to watch a tear-jerker, this is the show for you.

Image Credit: Netflix

Solo (2018)

This Netflix movie demonstrates a surfer’s worst nightmare and how to fight to survive the elements. Solo is a documentary you don’t want to pass up. It tells the thrilling true story of a surfer who falls off a cliff in the Canary Islands and how he lives to tell the tale.

Prepare yourself for emotionally powered moments, reenactments, self-reflection, flashbacks, and even a touch of romance. Plus, the shots of the landscape are gorgeous.

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Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2019)

You may remember this story from when it happened. A girl, Bethany Hamilton, was attacked by a shark while surfing and unfortunately lost her arm from the bite. This is her story of reaching the lowest of lows and then turning that energy into passion, determination, and skill. Despite her injuries, she is now a professional surfer. How inspiring is that?

Image Credit: newportFILM

The Tribes of Palos Verdes (2017)

Less of a documentary and more of a drama, this movie follows the life of a teenage girl who finds comfort in surfing. Her family moves to a seaside community, but things don’t always go as planned. With her mom and brother spiraling downward, the only place she can feel peace is on the water.

Follow Bethany on her journey as she overcomes the struggle of being a “new girl” and realizes her passion as a surfer.

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Wow, what a ride.

Each surf movies listed above will send you on a whirlwind of emotions. By the time you are done binge-watching your favorites, you will have this deep sense of longing for the ocean and a renewed respect for surfing- the art, the craft, the passion.

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