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3 Ways To Evaluate the *Real* Sustainability of Your Favorite Beauty Brands

From formulation to packaging, beauty products go through more processes than I can count before they land in your bathroom cabinet. And with each and every step, brands make decisions that render the products more or less sustainable.

“We started making choices,” says Bee Shapiro, founder of fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn. “You create the box and then you’re like, okay, well, do you want this regular stock or do you want this recycled responsibly ground paper stock?”

Shapiro, who is also a New York Times style section columnist, grew up in the Seattle area. After school activities often involved hikes in the nearby woods. “For me, nature was this very healing place,” she says. ” I can make this brand about me, [as a brand founder]. As I made these choices I was like, yes, I’m gonna pick the responsibly sourced forest paper. As we started making these choices along the way, our brand became sustainable.”

To figure out if your favorite brands are sustainable, Shapiro points to a few specific markers to be mindful of.

How to know if a beauty brand is *actually* sustainable

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