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18 Slow Fashion YouTube Channels To Help You Dress Better

In the age of ever-changing fashion trends and overconsumption, slowing down your purchases for the sake of the environment can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are more than enough YouTube channels out there to inspire us. We can learn from these people’s stories, but they’re also here to show us that slow fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

After all, the first step towards slow fashion is defining your personal style. Slow fashion is all about buying less quantity and more quantity. But you’ll need to know what are the pieces you’ll want actually to wear for a long time.

Whenever I’m searching for fashion or lifestyle inspiration, I go on YouTube to get new ideas. Today I spent the afternoon looking for channels that focus on slow fashion to shop less and develop a more minimalistic approach to style.

I’ve found a handful of amazing YouTubers I thought you might enjoy watching as well. So if you don’t know these slow fashion channels yet, make sure to check them out ASAP! Spoiler: they aren’t only super insightful, they also have a great sense of style!

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